Lynn and Judy Strobel have been square dancing since 1976.  Lynn started square dance calling in 1978 when the square dance club in Glasgow, Montana, was without a caller.  Lynn has been club caller for four different clubs and has done guest calling in five states and two Canadian Provinces over the past 30 years.  He presently calls for the Prairie Stars club in Miles City and does guest calling, including weekend festivals.


     Lynn and Judy live in Miles City, Montana.  They have two daughters, Val (Floyd) and Vicki.  While their girls were in school, Lynn and Judy devoted their time to watching them participate in their many activities.  This devotion took time away from square dancing, but it was definitely well worth it.  Now that their girls are grown, Lynn and Judy are back to traveling to square dance and call.

     Besides the dancing aspect, square dancing is a way to meet great people who become lifelong friends.  In addition to square dancing, Lynn and Judy play and sing traditional country and country gospel music.  Music is a huge part of their lives and they show this through concerts, playing for private parties, calling square dances, and dancing.

     If you would like more information about how to get involved in square dancing in the Miles City, Montana, area, just drop Lynn an email or give him a call.